Independent Social Workers for Adults 

Creating choice for people who need Social Care Assessments and access to an Independent Social Worker for a fixed up-front fee. 

‘Providing Social Work Services With A Difference’

Eleos Care Consultants


Finding the care system confusing? We are here to help.


Need help finding the right care home and not sure where to start? We are here to advise you.


Need expert assessments and reports? We are able to provide this

What We Do

Are you searching for care for yourself or a loved one? Let our Eleos Care Consultants use their knowledge, experience and skills to guide you towards the type of care you need. We offer an independent and private social care assessment and advice service to our clients as we recognise doing this alone can be a worrisome task, especially if you are having to fund your own care. We are here to help you with impartial, expert assessments, advice and guidance.


We are here to …
  • Take the stress out of navigating the social care system.
  • Provide private social care assessments carried out by registered and qualified social workers.
  • Provide independent information and advice about your care needs and the best way to meet these.
  • Advocate for you or your loved one.
  • Help you to make the most of your finances.
  • Ultimately it is about having ‘Your care, your way’.

Services We Offer

Eleos Care Consultants – Connecting you with Qualified Social Workers in your time of need.

About Us

Ashton and Gemma set up Eleos Care Consultants after discovering that often people who self-fund their care are reluctant to ‘go it alone’. People who fund care themselves often have more choice at their disposal but this choice can be daunting and confusing and clients can often be overlooked by local authorities and left alone to source their care.

Here at Eleos care consultants we are completely independent and here for you. We are passionate about helping you to have the freedom to choose how you spend your money to empower you to feel safe and live the life you want to.

We are here to provide a timely, personalised response. You will have access to your own care consultant throughout your journey with Eleos Care Consultants, who will be on hand to provide advice, coordinate your care and follow up with you once things are set up to make sure everything is going to plan.

Our independent Social Workers also work with families to provide a range of expert and professional reports and assessments to aid in appeals and reviews amongst others. Many service users receiving statutory services may find that their support has been reduced following care reviews or may not agree with recommendations made by social care professionals. We can be commissioned to provide expert assessments and reports if you are looking for an independent professional second opinion. We can also be commissioned by Local Authorities and Solicitors and provide our services at a fixed upfront rate so you know exactly what you are getting.

Eleos Care Consultants are based in London however we are able to come to you in other parts of the UK. Get in touch with us to have a free initial consultation.

Ashton Gregoire

Social Worker

Ashton is a qualified social worker, registered with the HCPC and a member of BASW. She has many years’ experience in Adult social care and practicing as a social worker; working both in Leeds and in London.

Ashton has a BSC Hons in Psychology with Criminology as well as an MA in Social work and is passionate about working closely with older or disabled adults in crisis or who need some assistance to retain their independence.

Ashton has experience working in community mental health teams, hospital discharge, first contact teams and long term adult social care. She has extensive experience working with older adults including those with Dementia, safeguarding work, mental capacity issues and more recently has been involved in supporting families with Continuing health care reviews and project work in adult social care looking at how services are provided and how they can more effectively meet the needs of clients.

Gemma Hall

Social Worker

Gemma Hall is an experienced social worker who has worked in the social care sector for 9 years, initially working on the front line providing care as a support worker, before successfully completing training to become a social worker in 2013.

Gemma has practiced as a social worker in several local authorities across the UK, working with adults of varying ages and needs, including older adults, adults with learning disabilities and autism, physical disabilities and mental health support needs.

Most recently she has been practicing as a supervisory social worker in a hospital setting, so has substantial knowledge of Continuing Health Care assessments and appeals, safeguarding matters, as well as assessments and care brokerage. It is her passion to use her skills and knowledge to help make others interaction with the social care sector as stress free as possible, whilst helping people to live a life full of quality and dignity.


How long will I have to wait until I see a social worker?
We aim to put you in touch with one of our social workers within a few days of receiving your initial enquiry. We like to have a chat over the phone first to discuss your situation and the service that we are able to provide.
Why shouldn’t I go through the local authority?

There is no reason that you should not approach your local authority if you or your loved one needs an assessment, advice and support, and we would advocate that you seriously consider approaching your local authority so that are aware of all your choices. When it comes to your health you have a choice, The NHS or private healthcare. Here at Eleos care consultants we believe you should have a choice when it comes to your social care needs as well.

Social care is means tested which means that you may have to pay for some if not all of your care and support. Unfortunately due to austerity measures Local Authority resources are stretched and there can often be a long wait for an assessment.  Many local authorities have begun to charge people who have enough money to pay for all of their care (often referred to as self-funders) a  ‘set up fee’ to arrange support for them.  We are here to help you make the most of your money and to get support in exactly the way that you want.

Can I arrange support by myself?
Yes – There are many care agencies, care homes and options available to you throughout the UK, however, for some this can be very confusing particularly if social care is all new to you. We allocate you to a registered experienced social worker who is able to provide you with a detailed assessment and report, provide information and advice and advocate for you whilst guiding you through this often complex area.
Can it all be done over the phone?
Unfortunately not, although we have an initial no obligation consultation over the phone, the services that we provide (consultation, assessment, advice and sourcing care) needs to be tailored to your specific situation. To allow us to do this we would need to see you or your loved one at home. This allows us to carry out a thorough and holistic assessment and provide tailored information and advice.
I'm a professional, how can you help my client/patient?

We work with a range of different professionals to support their clients and patients.

We work with Solicitors to assist their clients who are appealing against local authority decisions about their care. We provide expert reports and assessments in line with the Care Act 2014 to assist with decision making and recommendations.

We work with a range of health professionals from Occupational therapists and Physio’s to GP’s and private hospitals and conversely refer to theses professionals on behalf of our clients.

For primary health services and private GP’s and hospitals we can assist your patient by providing a timely and responsive assessment and brokerage of support service, enabling a speedy discharge from hospital or assisting patients to remain safe and well at home.

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